Join Seafootage and lets create together a beautiful underwater video bank!

We collaborate mainly with professionals but we also like the productions of talented amateurs.
Submarine film shooting with tracking shot

We appreciate short sequences if they are rare or exceptional. We are also looking for selections of several rushes on the same stage, to offer the best possible selection to our customers.

The range of sales price on our platform varies from 1000 to 10.000 € + the minute. Our commissions are sweet; much lower than those of general picture banks.

We operate in distribution. We negotiate your rights in English and French, contracting with the customer and billing. We gracefully convert your files for presentation on our site as well as the
preparation of metadata for their SEO indexing. Your rushes will be presented anonymously, with Seafootage watermark.


Do your movies sleep on a hard drive and lose value every day?
Wake them up!

Consult our nomenclature and position yourself on species or situations not covered by it. With the exceptional image, not or little published, in 4K, you will certainly be seen by the buyers of large
networks. #whalebirth, #Creatures of the Abyss #Volcanos #, # 6th continent …

You can also place yourself in classics, where demand is strong. Do not be afraid if there are a lot of rushes on a species, we will create a category just for you, to put your filming session in value. #
Whales, #Sperm Whales, #Dolphins, #Sharks, # Orcas …

We are waiting for your images!
Surprise us!


Banque de de films sous-marins


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