René Heuzey is a director of underwater films. He spends more time underwater than in the studio. He classified his rushes on CatDv, frustrated with the dormant value of his archives, looking for the solution that would allow him to present his achievements online to buyers. banque image video sous marine

Hervé Berthou works in digital, he is also passionate about images, the sea and travel.

Jean-Eric Ducos is their accomplice of adventures.

Their meeting gave birth toBlue Aventures Label, a spinoff ofLabel Bleu Production, René’s business. The company createsdiving trips in support of organizations dedicated to the protection of marine animals or to finance projects by directors and underwater photographers.

At the same time, they developed the tool that René dreamed of. A video asset search site that allows buyers to make fine selections from a rush catalog.

The first searchable collection was that of René. Some friends and authors poured their catalog there, the customers were there…

Seafootage was born!

We wish you a nice visit in our ocean of imagess !




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